Fall 2022 Trend: Patchwork

It’s intriguing, it’s unique, it’s one-of-a-kind style, it’s patchwork. While one cannot trace the origins of this fashion trend that had its moment back in the ‘70s, patchwork is now back for 2022, and we are bringing it in various styles. With crochet, fringe, and clogs back in fashion, there’s so many ways to give a nod back in time. But if you’re looking for a subtle way of throwing it back in without going all out, the modest patchwork trend might be the right way for you. What makes patched-up style so appealing now? Maybe its because each piece is so unique, with varieties of fabric and swatches sewn together. The quilted texture adds dimension to any look! Spice up your wardrobe this fall by adding one of our patchwork pieces to your closet! 

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