5 Ways To Style The Skylar Top

Who’s on board with wearing a shirt more than once? Sometimes, it can be tough to buy an expensive shirt that you have been eyeing simply because you may only wear it once. I tend to have that problem, until I purchased this strapless top. To say I wear it once every two weeks would definitely not be an over exaggeration and it looks TOTALLY different every time. I love this top because it is versatile and can be the star of your outfit or an effortless layering piece.

Here’s five ways (even though there are countless) to style Anna Cate Collections Skylar top.

1. As a casual “on the go” outfit

To make the top more casual and to wear it as an easy “throw on” outfit but still look presentable I paired it with an “athleisure” jacket, jean shorts, and sneakers. This look is simple, comfortable, and still makes a statement! 

2. As a “party outfit”

I also wanted to style this top for a party option. If you have an event you can dress it up and throw on a cute mini skirt (coming soon on Anna Cate Collection) and some heels or wedges.

3. As a day out outfit

This outfit was my favorite because it was flowy, bright, and great to wear all day. Whether you’re going shopping or to grab lunch with you girlfriends you can still look good without overdoing it. For this look I put on a jean jacket, a mini skirt, and some sneakers.

4. As a skirt

Yes this top absolutely CAN be worn as a skirt. Not only was it designed to be versatile but it’s pretty darn cute (and comfortable) as a skirt too. It’s a great length and isn’t too tight either. To complete this little skirt outfit I put on a white “boyfriend” shirt and tied it in a knot and wore brightly colored sandals.

5. As a casual business outfit

Business casual is such fine line. I never know what to wear but the skylar top is perfect for this occasion with a jacket and pants. Although I may not wear ripped jeans to a business event they still do the trick. To make this look work you just need a blazer, pants, and some slides.


The Anna Cate Team 

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