Number 1 Struggle For Entrepreneurs


Recently I was talking to another creative designer and as we began talking we realized the struggles we were experiencing were the same and I think this true for most business owners, creatives, moms, etc.  There are a few I could  harp on but TIME is the one I want to focus on today. 


TIME: Time is so valuable and is a resource that we cannot get back. I think as women we TRY to do it all. We work, cook, clean, workout, take care of the littles, be a wife  all while remaining Insta "perfect" , posting that 2 minutes in the day where life isn't a whirlwind... How do we make all of this coexist?  I by no means have all the answers to this but I have a couple of suggestions that have helped make my life more manageable. 

  • PROJECT PLANNER: aka Time Save/Organizer  this little notebook has made my life SO much easier. YES this is different from a typical planner. How many of you  are LIST makers?? I know I am. Have you ever found that the list goes something like:
          1. Revamp Website
          2. Insta Story 
          3. Buy Groceries 
          4.  Rsvp to a luncheon 

    Do you see what just happened I mixed work To Do's with personal. The way I get the most out of my project planner is each page has a separate project. As creatives our brains generally bounce from one topic to another rapidly. This is a way to organize your thoughts. For example, if I have a website idea there is a page dedicated to the website so all my thoughts go under each project vs. on the same sheet. This helps keep me on task and helps speed up the flow of operating- saving TIME.  



  • DO the hard To Do's First: get them out of the way so they are not dangling over your head....Do them early , you will be glad you did.  


  • MULTI-TASK: Only multi-task on things that don't require a lot of brain power.  For example, while you are warming up dinner throw the clothes in the washer all while listening to your favorite podcast or playlist. When dinner is done pop the clothes in the dryer and BOOM.. you have "killed two birds with one stone". Remember you can multi task but your brain can't multi think.  


  • TURBO SCAN: If you own a business I highly recommend downloading this app. you will be glad you did at the end of the year. I use the app mainly for keeping receipts on trips.  You scan your receipt and it automatically organizes it in a folder ! Click, Scan, and Go.  Then you have the option of emailing a PDF version to yourself. This helps sort all your receipts saving you TIME!


  • MEAL PREP:  Ladies on the GO ..last Sunday we meal prepped for the week and I can't tell you how much time and $ it has saved this week already!  Next week I will emphasize more on this and share our recipes and tricks, as we are still perfecting. 

I believe all women are superwomen and we try to do TOO much but I have to tell you a secret I have discovered...DO not feel "guilty" when you go on vacation or take an hour in the day to play. I am victim of this I have caught myself on vacation feeling guilty that I wasn't working  ... not ok. YOU need this time to clear your mind you are the most creative and  productive when you "take a  minute". So that hour workout that you need to re-charge is OK ...That hour you spend playing with your child, niece, or nephew its OK... or whatever it may be just remember TIME is something we never get back so I encourage you to step back and love on your littles, your spouse, and your fur babies! I hope some of these tips help you save time so you can spend more doing what you love ! If you have any helpful tips please send my way!

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Anna Cate




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