The Best Of Summer: Smoothie & Outfit Guide

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with my favorite summer look and smoothie recipe? I am sharing all of the details below and can't wait for you to try! 


The Look:

Beat the HEAT in the Melissa dress this summer. It is sewn in a cotton poplin fabric so it is the perfect lightweight little number for all your summer soirees, whether you are going to a cookout, beach strolling, or a wedding guest this is a style you want to add to your wardrobe. The cross neckline is very flattering, accentuating your neck and exposing your arms in a good way.YES, I used exposing your arms and good in the same sentence. I know there aren't any women that like their arms and I am guilty of this but I never had the urge to grab a jean jacket while wearing this piece.


These pictures encompass so much of an authentic/typical day striving for that work-life balance. I had set the scene staging everything "Pinterest PERFECT."  I called Bailey, my sister-in-law, to come take the photos for this post and as I am trying to achieve the perfect top knot bun, I hear my little niece run through the door straight to my closet and throw on one of my necklaces. Hence the photos -- this was not staged-- the child LOVES necklaces. As we made our way to the porch Charley Grace discovered the prop (blueberries) which she couldn't stop eating-- and well, her cuteness inspired the shoot and the post. No matter how perfect we try to make things they always turn out better than we plan - especially watching life through the eyes of a child. Below, is my new favorite experiment turned success! 

The Smoothie: 

Like most girls, La Croix is my favorite go-to summer drink. If you like a 'kiss' of carbonation in your drink than this Berry Kiss Smoothie is for YOU. Recently, I have been trying to find a healthy balanced diet (without breaking the bank) and I have found that stocking up on the basics is key! Below, are the Ingredients (that you probably already have in your fridge) to my Berry Kiss smoothie!

 Berry Kiss Smoothie

1 Full La Croix ( I use  grapefruit or orange to try to stay consistent with the fruit theme)

1 cup of frozen berries

1/2 banana

1 cup of spinach

A dash of Orange Juice 

1/2 cup of Ice

Place all ingredients in your blender and pulse till it is the consistency that you prefer. 

P.S. this smoothie can be turned into a summer cocktail by replacing the La Croix with Prosecco! Cheers!



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